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Takupiwa N

Farai M

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Takupiwa N

Farai M

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Research Article

Journal of Business and Economic Management 1(2): 017-024, February 2013

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15413/jbem.2013.0126
ISSN: 2315-7755
2013 Academia Publishing






A comparative study of motivational levels for rural and urban teachers in Masvingo district, Zimbabwe

Accepted 10th January, 2012

Takupiwa N*, Herbert Z, Nhamo M, Willard N, Alick M, Honest M and Farai M

Department of Human Resource Management, Great Zimbabwe University, Zimbabwe.
*Corresponding author. E-mail:takupiwa@gmail.com., Tel: +263-772809186.

The study examined the differences in motivational levels of urban and rural school teachers in Zimbabwe. The purpose of the study was to identify, document and provide strategies that minimize the differences in levels of job satisfaction and motivation between teachers who are based in rural areas and those who are based in urban centres. A descriptive survey design was employed to carry out the research. Purposive sampling technique was used to select respondents. The findings indicated that there were major disparities in respect of teacher motivation in rural and urban areas. This is basically because of poor working conditions, low salaries, limited opportunities for promotion and growth and poor management systems exhibited in rural areas. Urban schools in Zimbabwe are better equipped and teachers get an additional allowance from School Development Committees (SDC) to augment their salaries from government. Urban school teachers also enjoy favorable promotional and growth opportunities because of their proximity to centres of power and University education. The study recommended that the government should improve working conditions for rural school teachers, provide opportunities for growth and train and develop heads of schools to equip them with modern management skills and techniques that are based on employee motivation.

Key words: Motivation, teachers, rural, urban.


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Cite this article as:
Takupiwa N, Herbert Z, Nhamo M, Willard N, Alick M, Honest M and Farai M (2013). A comparative study of motivational levels for rural and urban teachers in Masvingo district, Zimbabwe. J. Bus. Econ. Manage. 1(2): 18-24.

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