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Current Issue

October 2019




Academia Journal of Agricultural Research (AJAR) is an International High Ranking, open access journal that publishes high-quality solicited and unsolicited articles, in English, in all areas of agricultural science. The journal is covered by CABI, CAB ABSTRACTS in partnership with Thomson Reuters ISI Web of Science.  AJAR is archived in Institutional Library of University of Glasgow, University of Cambridge, University of California, University of Kentucky, University of Edinburgh, University of Groningen - Netherlands, University of TexasGhent University - Belgium, Colorado State University, University of Saskatchewan, University of Oregon, The University of Georgia, University of Southern California, Cornell University, The University of Western Australia and more.


All articles published in AJAR are peer-reviewed.


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  ISSN 2315-7739

 Peer Review


 DOI: 10.15413/AJAR

  Language: English

 Impact Factor: 0.546                    Covered By CAS Index


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Chief Editor:

Prof. Mehmet Ruştu Karaman





University of Gaziosmanpasa at Tokat, Soil Sci. and plant Nutrition, 2004.
University of Gaziosmanpasa at Tokat, Soil Sci. and plant Nutrition, 1998.
Ph.D., University of Gaziosmanpasa at Tokat, Soil Sci. and plant Nutrition, 1995.
M.S., University of Ankara at Ankara and University of Gaziosmanpasa at Tokat, Turkey, Soil Science and plant Nutrition, 1992.
B.S., University of Ataturk, Erzurum, Turkey, Soil Science, 1990.


Working subjects:
Soil Fertility, Plant Nutrition, Fertilizer and Fertilization.


Specific subjects:
Nutrient dynamics in soil-plant system, geostatistic, nutrient modeling, modern fertilization techniques, fertigation.


List of Publications in CAB Abstract and ISI Web of Science:


Application of biodynamic preparation, bio control agent and botanicals for organic management of virus and leaf spots of blackgram (Vignamungo L. Hepper).
Record Number: 20143001867


Effect of short duration grain legume crop inclusion in a ginger-based system on soil quality, growth and yield responses of ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc) in South Eastern Nigeria.

Record Number: 20143001869


Carbohydrate metabolism and quality of fruits from the Cucumis genus.

Record Number: 20143001872


Modelling and forecasting on paddy production in Kelantan under the implementation of system of rice intensification (SRI).

Record Number



Assessment of genetic variability in bambara groundnut (Vigna subterrenea L. Verdc.) using morphological quantitative traits.

Record Number



Could good hygienic practices reduce the microbial population on pineapple fruits?

Record Number



Implementation of Njaa Marufuku Kenya intervention in Kajiado County and the implications for food security.

Record Number



Trend and variability of rainfall in Tigray, northern Ethiopia: analysis of meteorological data and farmers' perception.

Record Number



Cultivable soil actinomycete communities in some areas of western China.

Record Number



Potential of Ziziphus spina-christi seed ethanolic extract on inhibition of microbial growth.

Record Number


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