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Research Article

Academia Journal of Biotechnology 4(11): 365-371, November 2016
DOI: 10.15413/ajb.2016.0125
ISSN: 2315-7747
©2016 Academia Publishing


Stratification of Outbred ICR Mice Stocks by Genetic Variation

Accepted 9th September, 2016

Soojin Hwang1, Young Min Cho1, Hee Jung Shin1, Hae Deun Kim1, Kyung Min Choi1, Ki Chun Kwon1, Su-hae Lee1, Hye-Jun Shin1, Hyoung Doo Shin2 and Myeon-Woo Chung1*

1Laboratory Animal Resources Division, Toxicological Evaluation and Research Department, National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation, Cheongju 28159, Republic of Korea.
2Department of Life Science, Sogang University, Seoul 04107, Republic of Korea.

*Corresponding author. E-mail: mwchung@korea.kr


The mouse is a commonly used animal in life science studies and is classified as outbred when genetically diverse and inbred when genetically homogeneous. We investigated whether outbred Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) mice stocks can be classified using SNP variation, and determined the specific genetic variation in the Korl: ICR strain. We also genotyped three ICR stocks at 1319 SNP loci; 307 genotypes were identified exclusively for each stock (chi-square test, df = 6, P < 0.05) and the number of loci with stock-specific alleles were 22 in A: ICR, 13 in B: ICR, and 7 in Korl: ICR (minor allele frequency ≥ 5%). Principle component analysis confirmed three genetically distinct stocks and Identity by Descent (IBD) and genomic best linear unbiased prediction analysis verified the genetic distance existing among the three ICR stocks. These results showed that outbred ICR mice stocks can be distinguished using SNP variation. Despite the difference in genetic variation between ICR stocks, we suggested that discrepancies in biological responses to external stimuli would be minimal due to genetic heterogeneity among stocks, rare homozygous mutants and scarcity of the regional mutations affecting genetic expression.

Key words: SNP, genetic drift, Korl: ICR stock, drug-testing, rodent.

This is an open access article published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Cite this article as:

Hwang S, Cho YM, Shin HJ, Kim HD, Choi KM, Kwon KC, Lee S, Shin HJ, Shin HD, Chung MW (2016). Stratification of Outbred ICR Mice Stocks by Genetic Variation. Acad. J. Biotechnol. 4(11): 365-371.

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