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Research Article

Academia Journal of Scientific Research Research 8(7): 222-234, July 2020
DOI: 10.15413/ajsr.2020.0205
ISSN 2315-7712
2020 Academia Publishing


Establishing picture database for images board- An example for lifestyles of health and sustainability (LOHAS) image


Accepted 13th July, 2020

Peng-Jyun Liua, Ming-Chuen Chuangb, Chun-Cheng Hsuc

aInstitute of Applied Arts,NationalChiao Tung University & Department of Creative Product Design, Asia University,Taiwan, ROC,
bInstitute of Applied Arts,NationalChiao Tung University, ,Taiwan, ROC
cInstitute of Applied Arts,NationalChiao Tung University, ,Taiwan, ROC

Recently, great importance has been attached to consumers’ emotional feeling in the course of product design. Designers must convey positive emotions such as surprise and affection, to consumers through their designs. For this purpose, image boards have been frequently used in design to position product emotional feeling and stimulate design ideas. A large number of pictures are often needed for constructing an image board. However, it is time consuming and labor intensive, to find appropriate pictures, and the pictures that are finally collected may not reflect the expected image of consumers. Therefore, this research aims to establish a user-driven picture database for image boards to express the expected emotion by taking the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) as an example. In the research, 16 LOHAS representatives were identified and recruited by using a lifestyle questionnaire to collect and then screen out 50 proposed pictures relevant to the image of the LOHAS. As the image board is usually used by designers, to include their ideas, another16 pictures were selected by the invited experienced product designers to obtain the comprehensive pool of 66 proposed pictures. Design experts were asked to screen out six key image adjectives including healthy, environmentally friendly, sustainable, natural, simple and ecological for description of image of the LOHAS from the vocabulary pool collected by ordinary people, LOHAS representatives and designers. Next, 219 LOHAS subjects were required to carry out the semantic differential assessment for each of the 66 proposed pictures on the six key images. Two types of analyses on the collected data from the semantic differential assessment: the mean analysis and the grey relational analysis, were adopted to screen out the recommended pictures for representation of the images of LOHAS or of the six key adjectives, respectively. Three modes of applying the database picture based on the above result were also proposed. The result of this study is expected to be used by designers, users, manufacturers and the education circle to help improve product design efficiency in the future.

Key words: Picture database, image board, lifestyles of health and sustainability (LOHAS), semantic differential scale, grey relational analysis.


This is an open access article published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Cite this article as:

Liu PJ, Chuang MC, Hsu CC (2020). Establishing picture database for images board- An example for lifestyles of health and sustainability (LOHAS) image Acad. J. Sci. Res. 8(7): 222-234.


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