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Research Article

Academia Journal of Scientific Research Research 8(5): 180-185, May 2020
DOI: 10.15413/ajsr.2020.0108
ISSN: 2315-7712
2020 Academia Publishing 


Partial replacement of cement with fly ash cenospheres in cement concrete


Accepted 14th February 2020

Pradeep Kumar

P. G. Student, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Bhopal, India.

Concrete is one of the important materials of the construction industries. At present, due to increase in a population, the demand for infrastructure is increasing day by day. This leads to increase in production of cement. Currently, worldwide cement production is about 1.6 billion tons. This huge amount of production leads to consumption of natural resources and it is also harmful for environment. Large quantity of waste by products are produced from the manufacturing industries such as mineral slag, fly ash, silica fumes etc. Cenosphere is a byproduct obtained from the thermal power plants generated by the burning of coal powder. It is transported by the flue gases which can be further collected by electrostatic precipitator. This is a free flowing powder that comprises hollow sphere, hard shelled and lightweight which is collected from coal ash. This research work deals with the partial replacement of the cement with cenosphere in concrete at various percentage, such as 0, 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20% by mass of cement. The various experimental investigations are carried out to determine the compressive strength, split tensile strength and flexural strength of concrete cube cured for the period of 7 and 28 days. The results obtained from the experiments with a suitable replacement of cement with cenosphere are presented in this study.

Key words: Concrete, fly ash, cenospheres, compressive strength, split tensile strength, flexural strength.

This is an open access article published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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Kumar P (2020). Partial replacement of cement with fly ash cenospheres in cement concrete Acad. J. Sci. Res. 8(5): 180-185.


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