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  1. Eng Technol Res

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Research Article

Engineering and Technology Research 1(3): 089-098, July 2019
DOI: 10.15413/etr.2019.0108

ISSN: 2682 5716
2019 Academia Publishing




Toxic and hazardous gas detection, measurement and monitoring system for safety assurance in home and industrial application of wireless sensor node



Accepted 17th July, 2019

Mobasshir Mahbub

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.



Human body is prone to various toxic gases and hazardous elements or chemicals or compound consisting in the atmosphere. A person can fall into danger if the level of those gases exceeds human body tolerance limit or even can die if the gas level is too high as against sustainability. To cope out against this kind of situation, gas detection and measurement system is highly necessary to detect and measure the level of toxic gases in places where human inhabit such as home and industrial areas. The human environment is surrounded with different toxic and dangerous gases such as natural gas (CH4) found in kitchen stove or LNG in cylinder, different type of fuels for burning etc. In industrial areas, the amount of toxic gases is high and therefore the probability of an accident from those gases. Thus in these areas different types of gases are present as exhaust gases during manufacturing such as CO (Carbon Monoxide), CH4 (Methane), fuels for burning purpose etc. Therefore, for better protection of human life, a gas monitoring system is required. It can be more effective if we measure these gases from a distant safer place with wireless communication devices and components, so that a monitoring system is developed with MQ2 gas Sensor, nRF24L01P Wireless Transceiver Module and Arduino as a MCU.

Key words: Toxic gas, Monitoring and measure, wireless module, gas sensor, microcontroller.

Cite this article as:
Mahbub M (2019). Toxic and hazardous gas detection, measurement and monitoring system for safety assurance in home and industrial application of wireless sensor node. Eng. Technol. Res. 1(3): 089-098.

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